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SANY-BOAT/3 Marine Sanitation Hose

SANY-BOAT/3 Marine Sanitation Hose

AKT772M is a mandrel built hose for delivery of petrol, diesel oil, biodiesel to engines on private boats up to 24 metres.

Complies with ISO 7840:2013 A1.

 The composition of materials allows for a hose thinner than standard and guarantees a good resistance to bending, kinks and permeations of the different types of fuel.


The internal tube is a smooth black synthetic rubber suitable for petroleum products up to 50% aromatic content, biodiesel, ecological fuel with a maximum 15% oxygenated compound.

The hose is reinforced with high tensile textile plies.

The outer cover consists of a black smooth self-extinguishing synthetic rubber with resistance to abrasion, heat, oil, ozone and marine environments.

Temperature Range: -20°C to +80°C

Available in coils or by the metre.