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Acoustic Attenuation

Accoutic Attenuation

Thermal Breaks Ltd have a range of products to help with all aspects of noise and vibration control. We are a leading national provider of acoustical solutions to cinemas and theatres. TBL work closely with architects, installers and engineers, construction companies and facility managers across the United Kingdom and internationally.

Acoutic Hangers

Acoustic Hangers offer cost-effective solutions for isolation of suspended equipment and ceiling. Utilising the high performance sylomer material, these hangers are designed to solve both low and high frequency attenuation problems in a protective space or radiating to surrounding locations. Ideal for suspended ceilings, piping, ductwork, air handling units and HVAC equipment.

Acoustic hangers are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation in threaded rod suspension systems.

Acoutic Panels

Acoustic Panels provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to control reverberation time and increase the acoustic absorption of any space. Widely used in classrooms, recording studios, offices, cinemas, reception areas and atriums, these panels can provide up to class A absorption either as a complete wall covering or as a number of individually manufactured panels.

Acoustic Cork Underlay

Agglomerated cork and recycled rubber, underlay for impact noise reduction and thermal insulation. Suitable for floating, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and ceramic floors.