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SH Acoustic Hanger


Acoustic Hangers offer cost-effective solutions for isolation of suspended equipment and ceiling. Utilising the high performance sylomer material, these hangers are designed to solve both low and high frequency attenuation problems in a protective space or radiating to surrounding locations. Ideal for suspended ceilings, piping, ductwork, air handling units and HVAC equipment.


Acoustic hangers are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation in threaded rod suspension systems.



  • Natural Frequency down to 8Hz
  • Load capacities up to 75kg
  • Hanger capacities can be mixed to accommodate equipment with uneven weight distribution
  • Steel housing provides durability and stability
  • Housing supplied with anti-corrosive zinc-plated coat
Type Load Capacity (Kg) Unit Weight



Rod Size

SH30 30 0.104 M6
SH50 50 0.104 M6
SH75 75 0.104 M6
Acoustic Hanger
Acoustic Hanger Chart
Acoustic Hanger Chart
Acoustic Hanger Chart
Acoustic Hanger Chart
Acoustic Hanger Chart
Acoustic Hanger Chart

On and Off-Site Support

We are here to discuss your application and assist you in selecting the right thermal break materials to meet your project specification.

Flow Chart

Disclaimer. These figures are typical values for the material and do not represent a product specification. Properties will vary depending on source of raw material, method of processing, physical from of product, direction of measurement etc.

Updated 04/03/2020